1 Samuel 27

1 David said in his heart, I shall now perish one day by the hand of Sha'ul: there is nothing better for me than that I should escape into the land of the Pelishtim; and Sha'ul will despair of me, to seek me any more in all the borders of Yisra'el: so shall I escape out of his hand.
2 David arose, and passed over, he and the six hundred men who were with him, to Akhish the son of Ma`okh, king of Gat.
3 David lived with Akhish at Gat, he and his men, every man with his household, even David with his two wives, Achino'am the Yizre`elite, and Avigayil the Karmelite, Naval's wife.
4 It was told Sha'ul that David was fled to Gat: and he sought no more again for him.
5 David said to Akhish, If now I have found favor in your eyes, let them give me a place in one of the cities in the country, that I may dwell there: for why should your servant dwell in the royal city with you?
6 Then Akhish gave him Tziklag that day: why Tziklag pertains to the kings of Yehudah to this day.
7 The number of the days that David lived in the country of the Pelishtim was a full year and four months.
8 David and his men went up, and made a raid on the Geshuri, and the Gizri, and the `Amaleki; for those [nations] were the inhabitants of the land, who were of old, as you go to Shur, even to the land of Mitzrayim.
9 David struck the land, and saved neither man nor woman alive, and took away the sheep, and the oxen, and the donkeys, and the camels, and the clothing; and he returned, and came to Akhish.
10 Akhish said, Against whom have you made a raid today? David said, Against the South of Yehudah, and against the South of the Yerachme'eli, and against the South of the Kinim.
11 David saved neither man nor woman alive, to bring them to Gat, saying, Lest they should tell of us, saying, So did David, and so has been his manner all the while he has lived in the country of the Pelishtim.
12 Akhish believed David, saying, He has made his people Yisra'el utterly to abhor him; therefore he shall be my servant forever.