Isaiah 32:9

The Women of Jerusalem

9 You women who are so complacent, rise up and listen to me; you daughters who feel secure, hear what I have to say!

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Rise up, ye women that are at ease; hear my voice, ye careless daughters; give ear unto my speech.
Rise up, you women who are at ease, hear my voice; you complacent daughters, give ear to my speech.
Listen, you women who lie around in ease. Listen to me, you who are so smug.

What does Isaiah 32:9 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Isaiah 32:9

Rise up, ye women that are at ease
On beds of down, unconcerned about the present or future state of the nation; who had their share of guilt in the nation's sins, particularly pride, luxury, superstition, rejection of the Messiah, and contempt of his Gospel, and so should have their part in its punishment. Some think that the men of the nation are so called, because of their effeminacy. The Jews interpret them of the other cities of Judea, besides Jerusalem; the Targum explains it by provinces:

hear my voice, ye careless daughters; give ear to my speech;
the words of the prophet concerning the future desolation of their country; here it is thought the lesser towns and villages are intended by daughters, who dwelt in confidence and security, having no thought and notion of destruction coming upon them; so Ben Melech interprets the "women" of cities, and the "daughters" of villages.

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