Isaiah 33:10

10 “Now will I arise,” says the LORD. “Now will I be exalted; now will I be lifted up.

Isaiah 33:10 in Other Translations

10 Now will I rise, saith the LORD; now will I be exalted; now will I lift up myself.
10 "Now I will arise," says the LORD, "now I will lift myself up; now I will be exalted.
10 But the LORD says: “Now I will stand up. Now I will show my power and might.
10 "Now I'm stepping in," God says. "From now on, I'm taking over. The gloves come off. Now see how mighty I am.
10 "Now I will rise up," says the Lord. "Now I will lift Myself up. Now I will be exalted.

Isaiah 33:10 Meaning and Commentary

Isaiah 33:10

Now will I rise, saith the Lord
At the last extremity, when things are come to a crisis; his interest at the lowest, and the kingdom of antichrist at its highest pitch; the whore of Rome triumphing over the slain witnesses, and boasting she was a queen, and knew no sorrow: this will be God's fit time to exert himself, and get him honour and glory: he before was as one lain down and asleep, as if quite negligent and careless about his honour and interest; but now he determines to arise, and show himself strong on the behalf of it; see ( Psalms 12:5 ) : now will I be exalted;
that is, in his power, by the destruction of the enemies of his church; and in the hearts and mouths of his people, on account of their deliverance and salvation: now will I lift up myself;
show himself above his enemies, higher and greater than they, and reduce them to a low estate and condition. The repetition of the word "now" has its emphasis; and is designed to observe the time of God's appearing in the cause of his people, and the fitness and propriety of it; and to quicken their attention to it, as well as to express the certainty of it, and the firmness of his resolution to do it without delay, and the vehemence and ardour with which he would set about it.

Isaiah 33:10 In-Context

8 The highways are deserted, no travelers are on the roads. The treaty is broken, its witnesses are despised, no one is respected.
9 The land dries up and wastes away, Lebanon is ashamed and withers; Sharon is like the Arabah, and Bashan and Carmel drop their leaves.
10 “Now will I arise,” says the LORD. “Now will I be exalted; now will I be lifted up.
11 You conceive chaff, you give birth to straw; your breath is a fire that consumes you.
12 The peoples will be burned to ashes; like cut thornbushes they will be set ablaze.”

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