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Compare Translations for Job 25:3

Commentaries For Job 25

  • Chapter 25

    Bildad shows that man cannot be justified before God.

    - Bildad drops the question concerning the prosperity of wicked men; but shows the infinite distance there is between God and man. He represents to Job some truths he had too much overlooked. Man's righteousness and holiness, at the best, are nothing in comparison with God's, ( Psalms 89:6 ) . As God is so great and glorious, how can man, who is guilty and impure, appear before him? We need to be born again of water and of the Holy Ghost, and to be bathed again and again in the blood of Christ, that Fountain opened, ( Zechariah 13:1 ) . We should be humbled as mean, guilty, polluted creatures, and renounce self-dependence. But our vileness will commend Christ's condescension and love; the riches of his mercy and the power of his grace will be magnified to all eternity by every sinner he redeems.

  • CHAPTER 25


    Job 25:1-6 . BILDAD'S REPLY.

    He tries to show Job's rashness ( Job 23:3 ), by arguments borrowed from Eliphaz ( Job 15:15 ), with which compare Job 11:17 .

    2. Power and terror, that is, terror-inspiring power.
    peace in his high places--implying that His power is such on high as to quell all opposition, not merely there, but on earth also. The Holy Ghost here shadowed forth Gospel truths ( Colossians 1:20 , Ephesians 1:10 ).

    3. armies--angels and stars ( Isaiah 40:26 , Jeremiah 33:22 , Genesis 15:5 ; "countless," Daniel 7:10 ).
    his light--( James 1:17 ).

    4. ( Job 4:17 Job 4:18 , 14:4 , 15:14 ).

    5. "Look up even unto the moon" ( Job 15:15 ). "Stars" here answer to "saints" (angels); the moon" here to "the heavens" there. Even the "stars," the most dazzling object to man's eye, and the angels, of which the stars are emblems ( Job 4:18 , Revelation 9:1 ), are imperfect in His sight. Theirs is the light and purity but of creatures; His of the Creator.

    6. ( Job 4:19-21 , 15:16 ).
    worm . . . worm--Two distinct Hebrew words. The first, a worm bred in putridity; alluding to man's corruption. The second a crawling worm; implying that man is weak and grovelling.

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