Job 31:17

17 if I have kept my bread to myself, not sharing it with the fatherless—

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Or have eaten my morsel myself alone, and the fatherless hath not eaten thereof;
or have eaten my morsel alone, and the fatherless has not eaten of it
Have I been stingy with my food and refused to share it with orphans?

What does Job 31:17 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Job 31:17

Or have eaten my morsel myself alone
Though he had kept no doubt a plentiful table in the time of his prosperity suitable to his circumstances, yet had been no luxurious person, and therefore calls provisions a "morsel"; however, be it what it would, more or less, he did not eat it alone; what he had for himself the poor had a share of it with him, and the same he ate himself he gave to them:

and the fatherless hath not eaten thereof:
meaning the poor fatherless: for as to the rich fatherless, it was no charity to feed them: this verse contradicts the charge exhibited against him, ( Job 22:7 ) .

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