Job 34:23

23 God has no need to examine people further, that they should come before him for judgment.

Job 34:23 in Other Translations

23 For he will not lay upon man more than right; that he should enter into judgment with God.
23 For God has no need to consider a man further, that he should go before God in judgment.
23 We don’t set the time when we will come before God in judgment.
23 God doesn't need to gather any more evidence; their sin is an open-and-shut case.
23 God does not [need to] examine a person further, that one should approach Him in court.

Job 34:23 Meaning and Commentary

Job 34:23

For he will not lay upon man more [than right]
Neither in a way of duty, his law being holy, just, and good, not any of his commandments grievous, but all his precepts concerning all things right, his yoke easy and his burden light; nor in a way of punishment, always punishing then less than their iniquities deserve; nor in a way of chastisement, suffering nothing to befall his people but what is common to men; and he is faithful to bear them up under it and through it, and to make a way to escape out of it: or the phrase, "than right", being a supplement, may be left out, and the words be connected with what follows,

that he should enter into judgment with God;
and the sense is, either that God does not put it on man to go again into judgment with him; he does not suffer him to have a cause heard over again, to appeal from God or to him to have a second hearing; nor is anything to be got by it, he is in one mind, and none can turn him or reverse or get reversed any sentence of his; and therefore it was a piece of weakness in Job to insist so much as he did to have a hearing of his cause before him, since he could not expect there would be any alteration made in his favour: or, as Mr. Broughton reads it, "it is not for men to purpose to enter into judgment before the Omnipotent"; such a purpose is vain, he can never carry his cause against him; it is a piece of weakness to pretend to litigate a point with him: or the sense is, he puts no more on man than to come to him in judgment, so Schultens; he has appointed a person and time to judge the world in righteousness, and all must appear before his tribunal; and everything, thought, word and action, will then and there be brought into an account, and righteous judgment will pass; and therefore, since he has fixed such a method of proceeding, and requires no other, he can never be charged with injustice.

Job 34:23 In-Context

21 “His eyes are on the ways of mortals; he sees their every step.
22 There is no deep shadow, no utter darkness, where evildoers can hide.
23 God has no need to examine people further, that they should come before him for judgment.
24 Without inquiry he shatters the mighty and sets up others in their place.
25 Because he takes note of their deeds, he overthrows them in the night and they are crushed.

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