Job 38:36

36 Who gives the ibis wisdom[a]or gives the rooster understanding?[b]

Job 38:36 in Other Translations

36 Who hath put wisdom in the inward parts? or who hath given understanding to the heart?
36 Who has put wisdom in the inward parts or given understanding to the mind?
36 Who gives intuition to the heart and instinct to the mind?
36 "Who do you think gave weather-wisdom to the ibis, and storm-savvy to the rooster?
36 Who put wisdom in the heart or gave the mind understanding?

Job 38:36 In-Context

34 “Can you raise your voice to the clouds and cover yourself with a flood of water?
35 Do you send the lightning bolts on their way? Do they report to you, ‘Here we are’?
36 Who gives the ibis wisdomor gives the rooster understanding?
37 Who has the wisdom to count the clouds? Who can tip over the water jars of the heavens
38 when the dust becomes hard and the clods of earth stick together?

Cross References 2

  • 1. S Job 9:4; S Job 34:32; James 1:5
  • 2. S Job 12:13; Job 32:8; Psalms 51:6; Ecclesiastes 2:26

Footnotes 2

  • [a]. That is, wisdom about the flooding of the Nile
  • [b]. That is, understanding of when to crow; the meaning of the Hebrew for this verse is uncertain.
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