Job 39:2

2 Do you count the months till they bear? Do you know the time they give birth?

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Canst thou number the months that they fulfil? or knowest thou the time when they bring forth?
Can you number the months that they fulfill, and do you know the time when they give birth,
Do you know how many months they carry their young? Are you aware of the time of their delivery?

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John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Job 39:2

Canst thou number the months [that] they fulfil?
&c.] Which some understand both of wild goats and hinds. Common goats fulfil five months, they conceive in November, and bring forth in March, as Pliny


F6 observes; but how many the wild goats of the rock fulfil is not said by him or any other I know of: the same writer says F7 of hinds, that they go eight months;

or knowest thou the time when they bring forth?
naturalists F8 tell us, that the hinds conceive after the rise of the star Arcturus, which rises eleven days before the autumnal equinox; so that they conceive in September; and as they go eight months, they bring forth in April; but then the exact time to a day and hour is not known. Besides, who has fixed the time for their bringing forth, and carries them in it through so many dangers and difficulties? None but the Lord himself. Now if such common things in nature were not known perfectly by Job, how should he be able to search into and find out the causes and reasons of God's providential dealings with men, or what is in the womb of Providence?

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