Job 4:14

14 fear and trembling seized me and made all my bones shake.

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Fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones to shake.
dread came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones shake.
Fear gripped me, and my bones trembled.

What does Job 4:14 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Job 4:14

Fear came upon me, and trembling
Not only a dread of mind, but trembling of body; which was often the case even with good men, whenever there was any unusual appearance of God unto them by a voice, or by any representation, or by an angel; as with Abraham in the vision of the pieces, and with Moses on Mount Sinai, and with Daniel in some of his visions, and with Zechariah, when an angel appeared and brought him the tidings of a son to be born to him; which arises from the frailty and weakness of human nature, a consciousness of guilt, a sense of the awful majesty of God, and an uneasy apprehension of what may be the consequences of it:

which made all my bones to shake;
not only there was inward fear and outward tremor of body, but to such a degree, that not one joint in him was still; all the members of his body shook, and every bone was as if it was loosed, which are the more firm and solid parts, as is common many considerable tremor.

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