Judges 20:7

7 Now, all you Israelites, speak up and tell me what you have decided to do.”

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Behold, ye are all children of Israel; give here your advice and counsel.
Behold, you people of Israel, all of you, give your advice and counsel here."
Now then, all of you—the entire community of Israel—must decide here and now what should be done about this!”

What does Judges 20:7 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Judges 20:7

Behold, ye are all children of Israel
The descendants of one man that feared the Lord; were of one nation, and of one religion, men professing godliness, and therefore ought to bear testimony against sin and wickedness of every sort, and especially such crying abominations as these:

give your advice and counsel:
in this place, being assembled together on this occasion; consult what is best to be done, and let every man speak his mind freely what step he thinks should be taken for the glory of God, and honour of religion, and to bring such persons to justice who had committed so foul a fact.

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