Sanctuary and Temple

1 And he brought me to the temple [sanctuary], and he measured the pilasters, {six cubits wide on each side}; [this was] the width of the tent.
2 And the width of the doorway [was] ten cubits, and the sidewall of the doorway {was five cubits on each side}, and he measured its length [as] forty cubits, and [its] width [was] twenty cubits.
3 And he went into [the] inner [room], and he measured the pilaster of the doorway [as] two cubits and the doorway [as] six cubits and the width of the doorway seven cubits.
4 And he measured its length [as] twenty cubits and [its] width [as] twenty cubits to [the] front of the temple, and he said to me, "This [is] {the most holy place}.
5 And he measured the wall of the temple [as] six cubits, and the width of the side room [as] four cubits {all along the outside wall for the temple all around the wall}.
6 And the side rooms [were] {side by side} [in] three [stories] and [a total of] thirty {rooms}, and [there were] offsets in the wall, which [was] for the temple for the side rooms, {all the way around} to be supports, and [so] they were not supports [extending] into the wall of the temple.
7 And [each level] widened, and it went around {upward} to the side rooms for the structure that surrounds the temple {upward} {all the way around}, therefore [the] width [increased] to the temple {upward}, and thus the lower [level] goes up to the upper [level] by [means of] the middle story.
8 And I saw for the temple a platform {all the way around} the foundations of the side rooms; [it was] the length of a full reed, six cubits long.
9 The width of the [outside] wall, which [was] for the side room to the outside, [was] five cubits, and [a space] that was set between [the] side rooms, which [was] for the temple
10 and between the chambers [was the] width of twenty cubits all around the temple, {all the way around} [it].
11 And the doorway of the side room {faced} the open area; one doorway {faced} {the north}, and one doorway [was] to the south, and the width of the place of the open area [was] five cubits all around.
12 And the building that {faced} the courtyard {was toward the west}, [and] its width [was] seventy cubits, and the wall of the building [was] five cubits wide {all the way around}, and its length [was] ninety cubits.
13 And he measured the temple, [and] its length [was] [a] hundred cubits, and the courtyard and the building and its walls, [their] length [was] [a] hundred cubits.
14 And the width of the front of the temple and the courtyard to the east [was] [a] hundred cubits.
15 And he measured the length of the building {facing the courtyard} {at the rear} and its galleries, {a hundred cubits on each side}, and [also] the temple, the court, and the porticos of the courtyard,
16 the thresholds and the framed windows and the galleries around the three of them. Before the threshold [was] a covering of wood all around, and [from] the ground up to the windows, and [all around] the windows, [they were] covered.
17 {Above} the doorway and up to the inner temple and on the outside, and on all of the wall {all the way around} in the inner and in the outer [areas] [were] {patterns},
18 and [it was] made of cherubim and palm tree images; a palm tree image between cherub and cherub, and {the cherub had two faces}.
19 And [the] face of a human {was toward} the palm tree image {on the one side}, and [the] face of a fierce strong lion {faced} the palm tree image {on the other side}; {this work was executed} for the entire temple {all the way around}.
20 From the ground up to {above} the doorway, the cherubim and the palm tree images [were] made, and [also] the [outer] wall of the temple.
21 [As far as] the temple [is concerned] [its] doorframe [was] squared, and {before} the sanctuary [was] the appearance as [it were] the appearance of
22 {a wooden altar} [that] [was] three cubits high, and its length [was] two cubits, and its corners for it and its length and its walls [were of] wood. And he spoke to me, "This [is] the table that [is] {before} Yahweh."
23 And the two doors [were] for the temple and for the sanctuary.
24 And two leaves of a door [were] for [each of] the doors, two hinged leaves of a door: two [were] for the first door, and two leaves of a door [were] for the other door.
25 And cherubim [were] made on them, that is, on the doors of the temple and palm tree images like {the ones prepared for the walls}; and [an] overhang [of] wood [was] on the surface of the porticos on the outside.
26 And narrow windows and palm tree images {were on either side}, [and] on the side walls of the portico, and the side rooms of the temple and their overhang.