Instructions about Divisions of the Renewed Land

1 And when you allocate the land as an inheritance, you shall provide a contribution for Yahweh [as] a holy portion from the land, [its] length [being] twenty-five thousand [cubits] and [its] width ten thousand [cubits]; it [is] holy in all its territory, all around.
2 And [there] shall be from this [area] five hundred [cubits] by five hundred [cubits], squared all around, for the sanctuary; and fifty cubits [of] open space [shall be] for it all around [it].
3 And from this measured area you shall measure a length of twenty-five thousand [cubits] and a width of ten thousand [cubits], and in it will be the sanctuary, {the most holy place}.
4 It [is] a holy portion from the land; it will be for the priests, the servants of the sanctuary {who approach} to serve Yahweh, and it will be for them a place for houses and a holy place for the sanctuary.
5 And [an area] twenty-five thousand [cubits] [in] length and ten thousand [cubits] [in] width will be for the Levites, the servants of the temple. [It will serve] [as] property for them {as cities to dwell in}.
6 And [as] property of the city, you must set apart alongside the contribution of the sanctuary [a portion] five thousand [cubits] in width and twenty-five thousand [cubits] in length, [and] it shall be for the entire house of Israel.
7 And [a portion will be] for the prince {on both sides} of {the holy district}, and [both sides] of the property of the city, [and] {alongside} the property of the city {on the west}, and [alongside the property] {on the east}. And [also] [its] length {corresponds to one of the tribal portions to the west} [running] {to the eastern border}.
8 [This] shall be to him {with respect to the land} as property in Israel; [and so] my princes shall not again oppress my people, but they shall give the land to the house of Israel according to their tribes."
9 Thus says the Lord Yahweh, "Enough [of this] for you, the princes of Israel; put away violence and destruction and do justice and righteousness; revoke your [acts of] dispossession from upon my people!" {declares} the Lord Yahweh.
10 [There] shall be for you {an honest set of scales} and {an honest ephah} and {an honest bath}.
11 The ephah and the bath shall be one unit of measurement; the tenth part of the homer [is] the bath, and the tenth of the homer [is] the ephah; [so] the homer shall be its unit of measurement.
12 And the shekel [shall weigh] twenty gerahs, twenty shekels and five and twenty shekels [and] ten and five shekels, [that] shall make the mina for you.
13 This [is] the contribution [offering] which you shall present: a sixth of the ephah from a homer of wheat, and a sixth of the ephah from a homer of barley.
14 And the quota of the olive oil, the bath [of] the olive oil, [is] the tenth part of a bath from a kor, [which] [is] ten baths, [or] a homer--for ten baths [are equal to] a homer.
15 And one sheep from the flock from [among] two hundred from the pastures of Israel [will be taken] as [a] grain offering and as [a] burnt offering [and] [as] [a] fellowship offering to make atonement for them," {declares} the Lord Yahweh.
16 "All of the people of the land shall join [in] to this contribution with the prince in Israel.
17 "But on the prince shall be [the responsibility for] the burnt offerings, and the grain offering, and the libation at the feasts, and at the New Moon festivals, and at the Sabbaths at all of the assemblies of the house of Israel; he shall provide the sin offering, and the grain offering, and the burnt offering, and the fellowship offering to make atonement for the house of Israel.
18 Thus says the Lord Yahweh: 'On the first [month] on the first [day] of the month, you shall take a bull, {a calf} without defect, and you shall purify the sanctuary.
19 And the priest shall take from the blood of the sin offering, and he shall put [it] on the doorframe of the temple and on the four corners of the ledge of the altar and on the doorframe of the gate of the inner courtyard.
20 And so you shall do on the seventh [day] in the month for anyone doing wrong inadvertently or due to ignorance, and [so] you must make atonement for the temple.
21 In the first [month], on the {fourteenth} day of the month, you shall have the Passover, [a] feast [lasting for] {seven days}, [when] you shall eat unleavened breads.
22 And the prince shall provide on that day for himself and for all of the people of the land a bull [as] [a] sin offering.
23 And [during] the seven days of the religious feast he shall provide [as] a burnt offering to Yahweh seven bulls and seven rams without defect for each of the seven days, and [as] a sin offering a he-goat for each day.
24 And [as a] grain offering, an ephah for the bull and an ephah for the ram he must provide, and a hin of olive oil for {each} ephah.
25 In the seventh [month], on the {fifteenth} day of the month, during the feast, he shall provide just as [he has for] these seven days, as [he did for] the sin offering, [as he did for] the burnt offering, and [as he did] for the grain offering, and [as he did] for the olive oil.'"