1 Ephraim herds [the] wind and [is] pursuing [the] east wind all day long; he multiplies deception and violence and he {makes a treaty with Assyria}, and oil is brought to Egypt.
2 Yahweh has a quarrel with Judah and will punish Jacob according to his ways and repay him according to his deeds.
3 In the womb he deceived his brother, and in his manhood he struggled with God.
4 He struggled with [the] angel and prevailed; he pleaded for his mercy. He met him at Bethel, and there he spoke with him.
5 Yahweh the God of hosts, Yahweh [is] his renowned name!
6 But you, you must return to your God; keep love and justice, and wait continually for your God.
7 [The] trader, in his hand [are] scales of deceit; he loves to oppress.
8 And Ephraim said, "Surely, I am rich, I gained wealth for myself; in all my toil they have not found guilt in me that is [sin].
9 But I [am] Yahweh your God since the land of Egypt; I will make you live in tents again, like the days of [the] appointed festival.
10 I spoke to the prophets; I myself multiplied revelations and through the hand of the prophets I will destroy.
11 If [in] Gilead [there is] evil, surely they will come to nothing. In Gilgal they sacrifice bulls, also their altars will be like stone heaps on furrows of [the] field.
12 Jacob fled [to] the open field of Aram, and Israel served for a wife, and for a wife he watched over [sheep].
13 And by a prophet Yahweh brought Israel up from Egypt, and by a prophet he was watched over.
14 Ephraim has caused bitter provocation, and his Lord will {hold him responsible for his crimes} and pay back to him his insults.