Psalm 39

For the [music] director. For Jeduthun. A psalm of David.

The Brevity of Human Life

1 I said, "I will guard my ways {that I may not sin} with my tongue. I will keep a muzzle over my mouth as long as [the] wicked [are] before me."
2 I was mute [with] silence. I was silent [even] from [saying] good [things], and my pain was stirred up.
3 My heart grew hot inside me; in my sighing a fire burned. [Then] I spoke with my tongue,
4 "Let me know, O Yahweh, my end, and what is the measure of my days. Let me know how transient I [am]."
5 Look, you have made my days [mere] handbreadths, and my lifespan as nothing next to you. Surely every person standing firm [is] complete vanity. Selah
6 Surely a man walks about as a [mere] {shadow}; surely in vain they bustle about. He heaps up [possessions] but does not know who [will] gather them [in].
7 And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is for you.
8 From all my transgressions deliver me; do not make me [the] taunt of [the] fool.
9 I am mute. I do not open my mouth, for you, yourself, have done [it].
10 Remove from me your affliction. By the opposition of your hand I perish.
11 [When] with rebukes you chastise a man for sin, you {consume} like a moth his delightful [things]. Surely everyone [is] a [mere] vapor. Selah
12 Hear my prayer, O Yahweh, and listen [to] my cry for help; do not be deaf to my tears. For I [am] an alien with you, a sojourner like all my ancestors.
13 Look [away] from me that I may be cheerful, before I depart and I am no more.
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