Psalm 65

For the [music] director. A psalm of David. A song.

Thanksgiving for God’s Provision

1 Praise awaits you, O God, in Zion, and to you [the] vow shall be fulfilled.
2 O [you who] hear prayer, to you all flesh will come.
3 Iniquities prevail over me. As for our transgressions, you will {forgive} them.
4 Blessed [is one whom] you choose and bring near, [that] he may abide in your courts. We will be satisfied with the goodness of your house, your holy temple.
5 By awesome deeds in righteousness you will answer us, O God of our salvation, [you who are the] confidence [of] all [the] ends of [the] earth and [of] the far-off seas,
6 [who] established the mountains by his strength, [the one who] is girded with might,
7 [who] stills [the] roar of [the] seas, the roar of their waves, and [the] commotion of [the] peoples,
8 so that [the] inhabitants of [the] farthest reaches are in awe of your signs. You make the dawn and sunset sing for joy.
9 You care for the land and water it; you greatly enrich it. The stream of God [is] filled with waters. You provide their grain, for so you have established it.
10 You drench its furrows, penetrating its ridges. With rains you soften it; its growth you bless.
11 You crown the year with your {bounty}, and your wagon paths drip with {richness}.
12 They drop [on the] pastures of [the] wilderness, and the hills gird themselves with joy.
13 [The] pasturelands put on flocks, and [the] valleys clothe themselves with grain. They shout in triumph; they even sing.
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