Psalm 93

Yahweh Is King Over All the Earth

1 Yahweh is king; he clothes himself with majesty. Yahweh clothes himself; he girds himself with might. Yes, [the] world is established [so that] it will not be moved.
2 Your throne [is] established from of old; you [are] from everlasting.
3 [The] rivers have lifted up, O Yahweh; [the] rivers have lifted up their {rumbling}; [the] rivers have lifted up their pounding.
4 [Mightier] than the rumblings of many waters, [mightier] than [the] mighty breakers of [the] sea, Yahweh on high [is] mighty.
5 Your testimonies are fully reliable. Holiness is fitting for your house, O Yahweh, {forever}.
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