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Leviticus 10:8

8 Then the LORD said to Aaron,

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And the LORD spake unto Aaron, saying,
And the LORD spoke to Aaron, saying,
Then the LORD said to Aaron,

What does Leviticus 10:8 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Leviticus 10:8

And the Lord spake unto Aaron
Because he was a prophet, Aben Ezra says; but the reason rather seems to be, because be was the high priest, and now invested with his office, and in the execution of it, and therefore the following law respecting the priest's drinking of wine was given: some say, as the same writer observes, that God spake to him by Moses; but it rather seems that he spoke to Aaron immediately: according to Jarchi, this order was delivered to him as a reward for his silence, and to do honour to him on that account: saying; as follows.

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