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Compare Translations for Leviticus 12:3

Commentaries For Leviticus 12

  • Chapter 12

    Ceremonial purification.

    - After the laws concerning clean and unclean food, come the laws concerning clean and unclean persons. Man imparts his depraved nature to his offspring, so that, excepting as the atonement of Christ and the sanctification of the Spirit prevent, the original blessing, "Increase and multiply," Ge. 1:28 , is become to the fallen race a direful curse, and communicates sin and misery. Let those women who have received mercy from God in child-bearing, with all thankfulness own God's goodness to them; and this shall please the Lord better than sacrifices.

  • CHAPTER 12


    2. If a woman, &c.--The mother of a boy was ceremonially unclean for a week, at the end of which the child was circumcised ( Genesis 17:12 , Romans 4:11-13 ); the mother of a girl for two weeks ( Leviticus 12:5 )--a stigma on the sex ( 1 Timothy 2:14 1 Timothy 2:15 ) for sin, which was removed by Christ; everyone who came near her during that time contracted a similar defilement. After these periods, visitors might approach her though she was still excluded from the public ordinances of religion [ Leviticus 12:4 ].

    6-8. the days of her purifying--Though the occasion was of a festive character, yet the sacrifices appointed were not a peace offering, but a burnt offering and sin offering, in order to impress the mind of the parent with recollections of the origin of sin, and that the child inherited a fallen and sinful nature. The offerings were to be presented the day after the period of her separation had ended--that is, forty-first for a boy, eighty-first for a girl.

    8. bring two turtles, offering made by Mary, the mother of Jesus, and it affords an incontestable proof of the poor and humble condition of the family ( Luke 2:22-24 ).

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