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Leviticus 13:39

39 the priest is to examine them, and if the spots are dull white, it is a harmless rash that has broken out on the skin; they are clean.

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Then the priest shall look: and, behold, if the bright spots in the skin of their flesh be darkish white; it is a freckled spot that groweth in the skin; he is clean.
the priest shall look, and if the spots on the skin of the body are of a dull white, it is leukoderma that has broken out in the skin; he is clean.
the priest must examine the affected area. If he finds that the shiny patches are only pale white, this is a harmless skin rash, and the person is ceremonially clean.

What does Leviticus 13:39 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Leviticus 13:39

Then the priest shall look
Upon the man or woman that has these spots, and upon the spots themselves, and examine them of what kind they are: and, behold, [if] the bright spots in the skin of their flesh [be]
darkish white;
their whiteness is not strong, as Jarchi observes; but dusky and obscure, or "contracted" F23; small white spots, not large and spreading: it [is] a freckled spot [that] grows in the skin;
a kind of morphew, which the above writer describes as a sort of whiteness which appears in the flesh of a ruddy man: he [is] clean;
from leprosy; this is observed, lest a person that is freckled and has a morphew should be mistaken for a leprous person; as every man that has some spots, failings, and infirmities, is not to be reckoned a wicked man.


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