Leviticus 8:1

The Ordination of Aaron and His Sons

1 The LORD said to Moses,

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And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,
The LORD spoke to Moses, saying,
Then the LORD said to Moses,

What does Leviticus 8:1 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Leviticus 8:1

And the Lord spake unto Moses
The following section or paragraph, relating to the consecration of Aaron and his sons, was delivered, according to Jarchi, seven days before the setting up of the tabernacle; but to me it seems to have been delivered after the setting it up, since it was out of the tabernacle that the Lord said all those things recorded in the preceding chapters; and after he had given out the laws concerning sacrifices, then he renewed the order for the consecration of Aaron and his sons, that they might offer them: saying;
as follows.

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