Genesis 37:3

3 Israel aber hatte Joseph lieber als alle seine Kinder, darum daß er ihn im Alter gezeugt hatte; und machte ihm einen bunten Rock.

Genesis 37:3 Meaning and Commentary

Genesis 37:3

Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children
He being the firstborn of his beloved Rachel, and a lovely youth, of a beautiful aspect, very promising, prudent and pious: the reason given in the text follows,

because he [was] the son of his old age;
being ninety one years of age when he was born; and the youngest children are generally most beloved, and especially such as are born to their parents when in years. Benjamin indeed was younger than Joseph, and is described in like manner, ( Genesis 44:20 ) ; and for this reason one would think had the greatest claim to his father's affections; wherefore some give a different sense of this phrase, and render it, the "son" or disciple of "elders", "senators", i.e. a wise and prudent man: and indeed, if being the son of his old age was the reason of his affection, Benjamin had the best claim to it, being the youngest, and born to him when he was still older; and this sense is countenanced by Onkelos, who renders it,

``because he was a wise son to him:''

and so the reason why he loved him more than the rest was, because of his senile wisdom; though a child in years, he was old in wisdom and knowledge. Abendana observes, that it was a custom with old men to take one of their little children to be with them continually, and attend upon them, and minister to them, and lean upon their arm; and such an one was called the son of their old age, because he ministered to them in their old age:

and he made him a coat of [many] colours;
that is, had one made for him, which was interwoven with threads of divers colours, or painted, or embroidered with divers figures, or made with different pieces of various colours: according to Jerom F6, it was a garment which reached down to the ankles, and was distinguished with great variety by the hands of the artificer, or which had long sleeves reaching to the hands; and so the Jewish writers F7 say it was called "passim", because it reached to the palms of the hands: this might be an emblem of the various virtues which early appeared in him; or rather of the several graces of the Spirit of God implanted in him, and of the raiment of needlework, the righteousness of Christ, with which he was clothed, ( Psalms 45:14 ) ; and of the various providences which Jacob, under a spirit of prophecy, foresaw he would be attended with.


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Genesis 37:3 In-Context

1 Jakob aber wohnte im Lande, darin sein Vater ein Fremdling gewesen war, im Lande Kanaan.
2 Und dies sind die Geschlechter Jakobs: Joseph war siebzehn Jahre alt, da er ein Hirte des Viehs ward mit seinen Brüdern; und der Knabe war bei den Kinder Bilhas und Silpas, der Weiber seines Vaters, und brachte vor ihren Vater, wo ein böses Geschrei wider sie war.
3 Israel aber hatte Joseph lieber als alle seine Kinder, darum daß er ihn im Alter gezeugt hatte; und machte ihm einen bunten Rock.
4 Da nun seine Brüder sahen, daß ihn ihr Vater lieber hatte als alle seine Brüder, waren sie ihm feind und konnten ihm kein freundlich Wort zusprechen.
5 Dazu hatte Joseph einmal einen Traum und sagte zu seinen Brüdern davon; da wurden sie ihm noch feinder.
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