Esias 25

1 O Lord God, I will glorify thee, I will sing to thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things, an ancient faithful counsel. So be it.
2 For thou hast made cities a heap, cities strong that their foundations should not fall: the city of ungodly men shall not be built for ever.
3 Therefore shall the poor people bless thee, and cities of injured men shall bless thee.
4 For thou hast been a helper to every lowly city, and a shelter to them that were disheartened by reason of poverty: thou shalt deliver them from wicked men: a shelter of them that thirst, and a refreshing air to injured men.
5 as faint-hearted men thirsting in Sion, by reason of ungodly men to whom thou didst deliver us.
6 And the Lord of hosts shall make for all the nations: on this mount they shall drink gladness, they shall drink wine:
7 they shall anoint themselves with ointment in this mountain. Impart thou all these things to the nations; for this is counsel upon all the nations.
8 Death has prevailed and swallowed up; but again the Lord God has taken away every tear from every face. He has taken away the reproach of people from all the earth: for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.
9 And in that day they shall say, behold our God in whom we have trusted, and he shall save us: this the Lord; we have waited for him, and we have exulted, and will rejoice in our salvation.
10 God will give rest on this mountain, and the country of Moab shall be trodden down, as they tread the floor with waggons.
11 And he shall spread forth his hands, even as he also brings down to destroy : and he shall bring low his pride on which he has laid his hands.
12 And he shall bring down the height of the refuge of the wall, and it shall come down even to the ground.