Proverbs 15

1 Anger slays even wise men; yet a submissive answer turns away wrath: but a grievous word stirs up anger.
2 The tongue of the wise knows what is good: but the mouth of the foolish tells out evil things.
3 The eyes of the Lord behold both the evil and the good in every place.
4 The wholesome tongue is a tree of life, and he that keeps it shall be filled with understanding.
5 A fool scorns his father's instruction; but he that keeps his commandments is more prudent. In abounding righteousness is great strength: but the ungodly shall utterly perish from the earth.
6 In the houses of the righteous is much strength: but the fruits of the ungodly shall perish.
7 The lips of the wise are bound by discretion: but the hearts of the foolish are not safe.
8 The sacrifices of the ungodly are an abomination to the Lord; but the prayers of them that walk honestly are acceptable with him.
9 The ways of an ungodly are an abomination to the Lord; but he loves those that follow after righteousness.
10 The instruction of the simple is known by them that pass by; but they that hate reproofs die disgracefully.
11 Hell and destruction are manifest to the Lord; how shall not also be the hearts of men?
12 An uninstructed person will not love those that reprove him; neither will he associate with the wise.
13 When the heart rejoices the countenance is cheerful; but when it is in sorrow, is sad.
14 An upright heart seeks discretion; but the mouth of the uninstructed will experience evils.
15 The eyes of the wicked are always looking for evil things; but the good are always quiet.
16 Better is a small portion with the fear of the Lord, than great treasures without the fear .
17 Better is an entertainment of herbs with friendliness and kindness, than a feast of calves, with enmity.
18 A passionate man stirs up strife; but slow to anger appeases even a rising one. A man slow to anger will extinguish quarrels; but an ungodly man rather stirs up.
19 The ways of sluggards are strewn with thorns; but those of the diligent are made smooth.
20 A wise son gladdens father; but a foolish son sneers at his mother.
21 The ways of a foolish man are void of sense; but a wise man proceeds on his way aright.
22 They that honour not councils put off deliberation; but counsel abides in the hearts of counsellors.
23 A bad man will by no means attend to counsel; neither will he say anything seasonable, or good for the common .
24 The thoughts of the wise are ways of life, that he may turn aside and escape from hell.
25 The Lord pulls down the houses of scorners; but he establishes the border of the widow.
26 An unrighteous thought is abomination to the Lord; but the sayings of the pure are held in honour.
27 A receiver of bribes destroys himself; but he that hates the receiving of bribes is safe. but by the fear of the Lord every one departs from evil.
28 The hearts of the righteous meditate faithfulness; but the mouth of the ungodly answers evil things. The ways of righteous men are acceptable with the Lord; and through them even enemies become friends.
29 God is far from the ungodly; but he hearkens to the prayers of the righteous. Better are small receipts with righteousness, than abundant fruits with unrighteousness. Let the heart of a man think justly, that his steps may be rightly ordered of God. The eye that sees rightly rejoices the heart; and a good report fattens the bones.
32 He that rejects instruction hates himself; but he that mind reproofs loves his soul.
33 The fear of the Lord is instruction and wisdom; and the highest honour will correspond therewith.