1 Kings 12:17

17 But Rehoboam continued to rule those who lived in the towns of Judah.

1 Kings 12:17 Meaning and Commentary

1 Kings 12:17

But as for the children of Israel which dwelt in the cities
of Judah
Either such Israelites of the ten tribes that had before dwelt, or now upon this removed, for the sake of worship, to dwell in the tribe of Judah; or else that part of Israel, the tribe of Judah, which dwelt in the cities belonging to it:

Rehoboam reigned over them;
they owned him to be their king, and submitted to his government.

1 Kings 12:17 In-Context

15 Rehoboam turned a deaf ear to the people. God was behind all this, confirming the message that he had given to Jeroboam son of Nebat through Ahijah of Shiloh.
16 When all Israel realized that the king hadn't listened to a word they'd said, they stood up to him and said, Get lost, David! We've had it with you, son of Jesse! Let's get out of here, Israel, and fast! From now on, David, mind your own business.
17 But Rehoboam continued to rule those who lived in the towns of Judah.
18 When King Rehoboam next sent out Adoniram, head of the workforce, the Israelites ganged up on him, pelted him with stones, and killed him. King Rehoboam jumped in his chariot and fled to Jerusalem as fast as he could.
19 Israel has been in rebellion against the Davidic regime ever since. Jeroboam of Israel
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