2 Samuel 13:26

26 Then Absalom said, "Well, if you won't come, at least let my brother Amnon come."

2 Samuel 13:26 Meaning and Commentary

2 Samuel 13:26

Then said Absalom, if not
If it is not thy pleasure to go with me, if I cannot have the honour of thy company:

I pray thee, let my brother Amnon go with us;
let me have the next mark of honour that can be given me, the presence of the king's eldest son, and heir to the crown; he seems to express affection for him, and a particular desire of his company, as if all ill will towards him was removed from him, and this would be a public declaration of reconciliation between them:

and the king said unto him, why should he go with thee?
he particularly, he more than any other; David seems to have suspected some design, and it is strange he should not; and yet if he had, it is much, notwithstanding the pressing arguments used, he should let him go; or he might think it would be more expensive to have him than the rest, and therefore asks why he should desire his company above all others.

2 Samuel 13:26 In-Context

24 He also went to the king and invited him. "Look, I'm throwing a sheep-shearing party. Come, and bring your servants."
25 But the king said, "No, son - not this time, and not the whole household. We'd just be a burden to you." Absalom pushed, but David wouldn't budge. But he did give him his blessing.
26 Then Absalom said, "Well, if you won't come, at least let my brother Amnon come."
27 But Absalom was so insistent that he gave in and let Amnon and all the rest of the king's sons go.
28 Absalom prepared a banquet fit for a king. Then he instructed his servants, "Look sharp, now. When Amnon is well into the sauce and feeling no pain, and I give the order 'Strike Amnon,' kill him. And don't be afraid - I'm the one giving the command. Courage! You can do it!"
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