Ephesians 6:22

22 I've sent him not only to tell you about us but to cheer you on in your faith.

Ephesians 6:22 Meaning and Commentary

Ephesians 6:22

Whom I have sent unto you for the same purpose
Which shows the great concern the apostle had for the churches, being willing to inform them of everything that might be for their use and service:

that ye might know our affairs;
temporal and spiritual, and not only the apostle's affairs, but the affairs of those that were with him, who were concerned in the same common cause:

and [that] he might comfort your hearts;
both by such a relation, and by the ministry of the Gospel to them: believers in Christ are sometimes disconsolate, by reason of indwelling sin, Satan's temptations, the hidings of God's face, afflictions and persecutions, their own sufferings, and those of others; and it is the business of the ministers of Christ to comfort them; their commission is to speak comfortably to them; and they are qualified for it, by inward comforts in their own souls; the Gospel they preach, and the message they bring, is of a comfortable nature; the Spirit of God acts by them, and with them as a comforter; and sad indeed is the state of Zion, or the church of Christ, when it has no comforters.

Ephesians 6:22 In-Context

20 jailbird preacher that I am, am responsible for getting out.
21 Tychicus, my good friend here, will tell you what I'm doing and how things are going with me. He is certainly a dependable servant of the Master!
22 I've sent him not only to tell you about us but to cheer you on in your faith.
23 Good-bye, friends. Love mixed with faith be yours from God the Father and from the Master, Jesus Christ.
24 Pure grace and nothing but grace be with all who love our Master, Jesus Christ.
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