Exodus 15:14

14 When people heard, they were scared; Philistines writhed and trembled;

Exodus 15:14 Meaning and Commentary

Exodus 15:14

And the people shall hear, and be afraid
What follows from hence to the end of the song is plainly prophetic, a prediction of future events; and this clause respects the case of all the nations of the earth, who should hear the report of the plagues, brought upon the Egyptians for the sake of Israel, and of their being brought out of Egypt, and of their being led through the Red sea as on dry land, and of the destruction of Pharaoh and his host in it, which report would strike a panic in all that heard it, throughout the whole world; as well as of what the Lord would after this do for them in the wilderness, see ( Deuteronomy 2:25 ) sorrow shall take hold of the inhabitants of Palestina;
which was adjoining to the land of Canaan, and through which in the common way their road lay to it.

Exodus 15:14 In-Context

12 You stretched out your right hand and the Earth swallowed them up.
13 But the people you redeemed, you led in merciful love; You guided them under your protection to your holy pasture.
14 When people heard, they were scared; Philistines writhed and trembled;
15 Yes, even the head men in Edom were shaken, and the big bosses in Moab. Everybody in Canaan panicked and fell faint.
16 Dread and terror sent them reeling. Before your brandished right arm they were struck dumb like a stone,
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