Exodus 21:11

11 If he won't do any of these three things for her, she goes free, for nothing.

Exodus 21:11 Meaning and Commentary

Exodus 21:11

And if he do not these three unto her
Not the three things last mentioned; though this sense, Aben Ezra says, many of their interpreters give, which is rejected by him, so do some Christian expositors; but these three things are, espousing her to himself, or to his son, or redeeming her by the hand of her father; that is, letting her be redeemed by him, as the Targum of Jonathan; and so Jarchi, Aben Ezra, and Ben Melech: the meaning is, if one or other of these things are not done,

then shall she go out free without money;
be dismissed from her servitude, and not obliged to pay anything for her freedom; the Targum of Jonathan adds, he shall give her a bill of divorce; that is, the son to whom she had been betrothed, and another wife taken by him, and she denied the above things; which favours the first sense.

Exodus 21:11 In-Context

9 If he turns her over to his son, he has to treat her like a daughter.
10 If he marries another woman, she retains all her full rights to meals, clothing, and marital relations.
11 If he won't do any of these three things for her, she goes free, for nothing.
12 "If someone hits another and death results, the penalty is death.
13 But if there was no intent to kill - if it was an accident, an 'act of God' - I'll set aside a place to which the killer can flee for refuge.
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