Exodus 5:12

12 The people scattered all over Egypt scrabbling for straw.

Exodus 5:12 Meaning and Commentary

Exodus 5:12

So the people were scattered abroad throughout all the land of
That part of it where they dwelt:

to gather stubble instead of straw;
straw not being easy to come at, they were obliged to gather stubble that was left in the fields, after the corn was gathered in. Ben Melech observes, that the word signifies small straw, or small sticks of wood, and Kimchi F13, and if so, this must be to burn the bricks with in the furnaces.


F13 Sepher Shorash, rad. (vvq) .

Exodus 5:12 In-Context

10 The slave-drivers and their underlings went out to the people with their new instructions. "Pharaoh's orders: No more straw provided.
11 Get your own straw wherever you can find it. And not one brick less in your daily work quota!"
12 The people scattered all over Egypt scrabbling for straw.
13 The slave-drivers were merciless, saying, "Complete your daily quota of bricks - the same number as when you were given straw."
14 The Israelite foremen whom the slave-drivers had appointed were beaten and badgered. "Why didn't you finish your quota of bricks yesterday or the day before - and now again today!"
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