Jeremiah 10:6

6 All this is nothing compared to you, O God. You're wondrously great, famously great.

Jeremiah 10:6 Meaning and Commentary

Jeremiah 10:6

Forasmuch as there is none like unto thee, O Lord
None like him, for the perfections of his nature, for the works of his hands, and for the instances of his kindness and beneficence, both in a way of grace and providence; there is none like him for doing good, or doing evil; that is, for bestowing favours, or inflicting punishments; there is none like him for goodness or greatness, as follows: thou art great;
in his nature; of great power, wisdom, faithfulness, truth, and goodness; and in his works of creation and providence, and in everything in which he is concerned; and greatness is to be ascribed to him, and greatly is he to be praised; and all the glory due unto his name is to be given him: and thy name is great in might;
his name is himself, and his greatness much appears in the exertion of the attribute of his power and might; in making all things out of nothing, in upholding the whole creation, and in the government of the universe; or the fame of him is great through the effects of his power, which are to be seen throughout the earth.

Jeremiah 10:6 In-Context

4 They trim it with tinsel and balls, use hammer and nails to keep it upright.
5 It's like a scarecrow in a cabbage patch - can't talk! Dead wood that has to be carried - can't walk! Don't be impressed by such stuff. It's useless for either good or evil."
6 All this is nothing compared to you, O God. You're wondrously great, famously great.
7 Who can fail to be impressed by you, King of the nations? It's your very nature to be worshiped! Look far and wide among the elite of the nations. The best they can come up with is nothing compared to you.
8 Stupidly, they line them up - a lineup of sticks, good for nothing but making smoke.

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