Luke 18:41

41 "What do you want from me?" He said, "Master, I want to see again."

Luke 18:41 Meaning and Commentary

Luke 18:41

Saying, what wilt thou that I shall do unto thee?
&c.] Is it alms thou askest? or is it thy sight thou wouldst have restored?

and he said, Lord, that I may receive my sight;
this he chose, this was his request, and what he cried so vehemently for; and which he believed Christ, the son of David, was able to do for him.

Luke 18:41 In-Context

39 Those ahead of Jesus told the man to shut up, but he only yelled all the louder, "Son of David! Mercy, have mercy on me!"
40 Jesus stopped and ordered him to be brought over. When he had come near, Jesus asked,
41 "What do you want from me?" He said, "Master, I want to see again."
42 Jesus said, "Go ahead - see again! Your faith has saved and healed you!"
43 The healing was instant: He looked up, seeing - and then followed Jesus, glorifying God. Everyone in the street joined in, shouting praise to God.
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