Luke 22:65

65 They were having a grand time with him.

Luke 22:65 Meaning and Commentary

Luke 22:65

And many other things blasphemously spake they
As denying and ridiculing his deity, and divine sonship; mocking at, and burlesquing his offices, of prophet, priest, and king; asserting him to be a mere man, and a very wicked one; a profane sinner, a glutton, and a winebibber; a sabbath breaker, a blasphemer, and a seditious person; and one that had a devil, or dealt with familiar spirits: and thus spake they

against him;
his person, office, and character.

Luke 22:65 In-Context

63 The men in charge of Jesus began poking fun at him, slapping him around.
64 They put a blindfold on him and taunted, "Who hit you that time?"
65 They were having a grand time with him.
66 When it was morning, the religious leaders of the people and the high priests and scholars all got together and brought him before their High Council.
67 They said, "Are you the Messiah?"
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