Matthew 12:47

47 Someone told Jesus, "Your mother and brothers are out here, wanting to speak with you."

Matthew 12:47 Meaning and Commentary

Matthew 12:47

Then one said unto him
Either one of his auditors, or, as the Ethiopic version has it, one "of his disciples": the other evangelists intimate, that more than one acquainted him with it; which is easily reconciled: for, upon his mother and brethren calling to him, as Mark says they did; first one and then another, and more, might apprise him of it, and especially as he did not immediately go out unto them.

Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak
with thee:
whether this message was carried at the request of the mother and brethren of Christ, and delivered in a simple manner, and with an honest intention; or whether it was officiously done, and with a design to interrupt him, and to try him, whether he would prefer his natural relations, and their society and conversation, to the spiritual work in which he was engaged, in doing good to the souls of men, is not certain; the latter seems probable, from the following words, and conduct of Christ. Some copies read, "desiring to see thee".

Matthew 12:47 In-Context

45 It then runs out and rounds up seven other spirits more evil than itself and they all move in, whooping it up. That person ends up far worse off than if he'd never gotten cleaned up in the first place. "That's what this generation is like: You may think you have cleaned out the junk from your lives and gotten ready for God, but you weren't hospitable to my kingdom message, and now all the devils are moving back in."
46 While he was still talking to the crowd, his mother and brothers showed up. They were outside trying to get a message to him.
47 Someone told Jesus, "Your mother and brothers are out here, wanting to speak with you."
48 Jesus didn't respond directly, but said, "Who do you think my mother and brothers are?"
49 He then stretched out his hand toward his disciples. "Look closely. These are my mother and brothers.
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