Proverbs 14:24

24 The wise accumulate wisdom; fools get stupider by the day.

Proverbs 14:24 Meaning and Commentary

Proverbs 14:24

The crown of the wise [is] their riches
Riches being used by them to increase and improve their knowledge and wisdom, and for the good of men, are an honour to them, and give them credit and reputation among men of sense and goodness; see ( Ecclesiastes 7:11 Ecclesiastes 7:12 ) ; [but] the foolishness of fools [is] folly;
mere folly, extreme folly, just the same as it was; riches make them never the wiser; yea, their folly is oftentimes made more manifest through the ill use they make of their riches; spending them in the gratification of their sinful lusts; and making no use of them for their own improvement in knowledge, or for the good of their fellow creatures. The Targum is,

``the glory of fools is their folly;''
and that is no other than their shame, and in which they glory; such fools are wicked men.

Proverbs 14:24 In-Context

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24 The wise accumulate wisdom; fools get stupider by the day.
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