Psalms 120:7

7 I'm all for peace, but the minute I tell them so, they go to war!

Psalms 120:7 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 120:7

I [am for] peace
Am wholly peace; a man of peace, as Aben Ezra; of a peaceable disposition, devoted to peace; love it, seek and pursue it, as every good man does, who is called to it, and in whose heart it rules: such follow peace with all men, and the things which make for it; and, as much as in them lies, endeavour to live peaceably with all;

but when I speak, they [are] for war;
make a motion for peace, and propose the terms of it, they declare against it, and for war: or when he spoke of the things of God, and of his experience of them, of the word of God, and of the truths of it, and of what he believed, ( Psalms 116:10 ) ; and especially when he gave good counsel and advice to them, and reproved them for their sins, they could not bear it; but hated him for it, and proclaimed war against him; and could not behave peaceably to him in any degree, but became his avowed, sworn, and implacable enemies. The Targum is,

``when I prayed;''

either prayed to God, that they did not like; or prayed for peace with them, that they would not grant; but became more imbittered against him.

Psalms 120:7 In-Context

5 I'm doomed to live in Meshech, cursed with a home in Kedar,
6 My whole life lived camping among quarreling neighbors.
7 I'm all for peace, but the minute I tell them so, they go to war!
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