Psalm 28

1 Lord, my Rock, I call out to you for help. Do not be deaf to me. If you are silent, I will be like those in the grave.
2 Hear the sound of my prayer, when I cry out to you for help. I raise my hands toward your Most Holy Place.
3 Don't drag me away with the wicked, with those who do evil. They say "Peace" to their neighbors, but evil is in their hearts.
4 Pay them back for what they have done, for their evil deeds. Pay them back for what they have done; give them their reward.
5 They don't understand what the Lord has done or what he has made. So he will knock them down and not lift them up.
6 Praise the Lord, because he heard my prayer for help.
7 The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him, and he helps me. I am very happy, and I praise him with my song.
8 The Lord is powerful; he gives victory to his chosen one.
9 Save your people and bless those who are your own. Be their shepherd and carry them forever. A psalm of David.