Psalm 49

1 Listen to this, all you nations; listen, all you who live on earth.
2 Listen, both great and small, rich and poor together.
3 What I say is wise, and my heart speaks with understanding.
4 I will pay attention to a wise saying; I will explain my riddle on the harp.
5 Why should I be afraid of bad days? Why should I fear when evil men surround me?
6 They trust in their money and brag about their riches.
7 No one can buy back the life of another. No one can pay God for his own life,
8 because the price of a life is high. No payment is ever enough.
9 Do people live forever? Don't they all face death?
10 See, even wise people die. Fools and stupid people also die and leave their wealth to others.
11 Their graves will always be their homes. They will live there from now on, even though they named places after themselves.
12 Even rich people do not live forever; like the animals, people die.
13 This is what will happen to those who trust in themselves and to their followers who believe them. Selah
14 Like sheep, they must die, and death will be their shepherd. Honest people will rule over them in the morning, and their bodies will rot in a grave far from home.
15 But God will save my life and will take me from the grave.Selah
16 Don't be afraid of rich people because their houses are more beautiful.
17 They don't take anything to the grave; their wealth won't go down with them.
18 Even though they were praised when they were alive -- and people may praise you when you succeed --
19 they will go to where their ancestors are. They will never see light again.
20 Rich people with no understanding are just like animals that die. A psalm of Asaph.
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