Psalm 60

1 God, you have rejected us and scattered us. You have been angry, but please come back to us.
2 You made the earth shake and crack. Heal its breaks because it is shaking.
3 You have given your people trouble. You made us unable to walk straight, like people drunk with wine.
4 You have raised a banner to gather those who fear you. Now they can stand up against the enemy.Selah
5 Answer us and save us by your power so the people you love will be rescued.
6 God has said from his Temple, "When I win, I will divide Shechem and measure off the Valley of Succoth.
7 Gilead and Manasseh are mine. Ephraim is like my helmet. Judah holds my royal scepter.
8 Moab is like my washbowl. I throw my sandals at Edom. I shout at Philistia."
9 Who will bring me to the strong, walled city?
10 God, surely you have rejected us; you do not go out with our armies.
11 Help us fight the enemy. Human help is useless,
12 but we can win with God's help. He will defeat our enemies.