Acts 2:43

43 Everyone felt that God was near. The apostles did many wonders and miraculous signs.

Acts 2:43 Meaning and Commentary

Ver. 43 And fear came upon every soul
Upon every inhabitant of Jerusalem, at least upon a great many of them; and upon all, or the greater part of them that saw, and heard these things; that heard the apostles speak with divers tongues, and Peter preach in the awful manner he did, and saw so many thousands at once embrace the Gospel of Christ, and profess his name, when it now, by reason of his crucifixion but a few weeks ago, lay under the greatest reproach and scandal; and such a number baptized in water; and also because of the miracles done by the apostles, after mentioned. The Ethiopic version is very odd, "and all animals feared the apostles": as if the very brute creatures stood in awe of them:

and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles:
the Vulgate Latin, and Syriac versions add, "in Jerusalem"; such as casting out devils, healing the sick, causing the lame to walk which were promised by Christ should be done by them; and which were necessary for the confirmation of the Gospel, and of the apostles' mission to preach it. The Vulgate Latin version adds another clause, much like the first part of the text, "and great fear was upon all": and the Alexandrian copy, and some others, read, "in Jerusalem, there was great fear upon all."

Acts 2:43 In-Context

41 Those who accepted his message were baptized. About 3,000 people joined the believers that day.
42 The believers studied what the apostles taught. They shared life together. They broke bread and ate together. And they prayed.
43 Everyone felt that God was near. The apostles did many wonders and miraculous signs.
44 All the believers were together. They shared everything they had.
45 They sold what they owned. They gave each other everything they needed.