Lamentations 5

1 Lord, think about what has happened to us. Look at the shame our enemies have brought on us.
2 The land you gave us has been turned over to outsiders. Our homes have been given to strangers.
3 Our fathers have been killed. Our mothers don't have husbands.
4 We have to buy the water we drink. We have to pay for the wood we use.
5 Those who chase us are right behind us. We're tired. We can't get any rest.
6 We put ourselves under the control of Egypt and Assyria just to get enough bread.
7 Our people before us sinned. And they are now dead. We are being punished because of their sins.
8 Slaves rule over us. No one can set us free from their powerful hands.
9 We put our lives in danger just to get some bread to eat. Robbers in the desert might kill us with their swords.
10 Our skin is as hot as an oven. We are so hungry we're burning up with fever.
11 Our women have been raped in Zion. Our virgins have been raped in the towns of Judah.
12 Our princes have been hung up by their hands. No one shows our elders any respect.
13 Our young men are forced to grind grain at the mill. Our boys almost fall down as they carry heavy loads of wood.
14 Our elders don't go to the city gate anymore. Our young men have stopped playing their music.
15 There isn't any joy in our hearts. Our dancing has turned into sobbing.
16 All of our honor is gone. How terrible it is for us! We have sinned.
17 So our hearts are weak. Our eyes can't see very clearly.
18 Mount Zion has been deserted. Wild dogs are prowling all around on it.
19 Lord, you rule forever. Your throne will last for all time to come.
20 Why do you always forget us? Why have you deserted us for so long?
21 Lord, please bring us back to you. Then we can return. Make our lives like new again.
22 Or have you completely turned away from us? Are you really that angry with us?
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