Psalms 29:11

11 The LORD gives strength to his people. The LORD blesses his people with peace.

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Psalms 29:11 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 29:11

The Lord will give strength unto his people
His special people, his covenant people, whom he has chosen for himself; these are encompassed with infirmities, and are weak in themselves; but there is strength for them in Christ: the Lord promises it unto them, and bestows it on them, and which is a pure gift of his grace unto them; this may more especially regard that strength, power, and dominion, which will be given to the people of the most High in the latter day; since it follows, upon the account of the everlasting kingdom of Christ;

the Lord will bless his people with peace:
with internal peace, which is peculiar to them, and to which wicked men are strangers; and which arises from a comfortable apprehension of justification by the righteousness of Christ, of pardon by his blood, and atonement by his sacrifice; and is enjoyed in a way of believing; and with external peace in the latter day, when there shall be no more war with them, nor persecution of them; but there shall be abundance of peace, and that without end; and at last with eternal peace, which is the end of the perfect and upright man; and the whole is a great blessing.

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9 The voice of the LORD twists the oak trees. It strips the forests bare. And in his temple everyone cries out, "Glory!"
10 The LORD on his throne rules over the flood. The LORD rules from his throne as King forever.
11 The LORD gives strength to his people. The LORD blesses his people with peace.
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