Deuteronomy 24:11

11 You must wait outside while he goes in and brings it out to you.

Deuteronomy 24:11 Meaning and Commentary

Deuteronomy 24:11

Thou shall stand abroad
Without doors, in the street, as the Targum of Jonathan, while the borrower or debtor looks out, and brings forth what he can best spare as a pledge:

and the man to whom thou dost lend shall bring out the pledge abroad
unto thee;
now as, on the one hand, if the lender or creditor had been allowed to go in and take what he pleased for a pledge, he would choose the best; so, on the other hand, the borrower or debtor would be apt to bring the worst, what was of the least value and use; wherefore the Jews made it a rule that it should be of a middling sort, between both, lest it should be a discouragement and hinderance to lend upon pledges {l}.


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Deuteronomy 24:11 In-Context

9 Remember what the LORD your God did to Miriam as you were coming from Egypt.
10 “If you lend anything to your neighbor, do not enter his house to pick up the item he is giving as security.
11 You must wait outside while he goes in and brings it out to you.
12 If your neighbor is poor and gives you his cloak as security for a loan, do not keep the cloak overnight.
13 Return the cloak to its owner by sunset so he can stay warm through the night and bless you, and the LORD your God will count you as righteous.
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