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Psalms 135:20

20 O Levites, praise the LORD ! All you who fear the LORD, praise the LORD !

Psalms 135:20 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 135:20

Bless the Lord, O house of Levi
These were of the same tribe with the house of Aaron, but inferior ministers; they ministered to the priests, and had the charge of things in the tabernacle and temple; many of them were porters in the latter, and others were singers, and of these Kimchi interprets the words; whose work it was to give thanks morning and evening, and so are with great propriety called upon to bless the Lord, ( Numbers 3:6-8 ) ( 1 Chronicles 23:5 1 Chronicles 23:30 ) ; and may mystically design inferior officers in the church, who are helps and assistants to ministers in the government and discipline of it, and have the care of its secular affairs; and who, when they behave well, purchase to themselves a good degree, and boldness in the faith; and even doorkeepers in the house of the Lord have reason to bless his name for a place there; and all the saints are the sweet singers of Israel, have the new song of electing, redeeming, and calling grace, put into their mouths, and therefore should bless the Lord;

ye that fear the Lord, bless the Lord;
these are distinct from the Israelites, priests, and Levites, and design the proselytes among them of other nations that truly feared God, as Jarchi notes; and all such persons, whoever and wherever they are, have reason to bless the Lord for the fear of him they have, which is not from nature, but from grace; and for the layouts shown them, the blessings bestowed upon them, the good things laid up for them, and the guard that is about them, which the Scriptures abundantly declare, and experience confirms.

Psalms 135:20 In-Context

18 And those who make idols are just like them, as are all who trust in them.
19 O Israel, praise the LORD ! O priests—descendants of Aaron—praise the LORD !
20 O Levites, praise the LORD ! All you who fear the LORD, praise the LORD !
21 The LORD be praised from Zion, for he lives here in Jerusalem. Praise the LORD !