Psalms 89:50

50 Consider, Lord, how your servants are disgraced! I carry in my heart the insults of so many people.

Psalms 89:50 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 89:50

Remember, Lord, the reproach of thy servants
The apostles of Christ, his servants, and the servants of the living God, that showed unto men the way of salvation, and other saints with them that believed in Christ, and were made willing to serve and follow him; these were now reproached by the Scribes and Pharisees for believing in him, and professing him; and were scoffed and laughed at, when they had crucified him, and laid him in the grave, triumphing over him and them, believing he would never rise again, as he had given out he should, and for which his followers were reproached; and therefore desire the Lord would remember the reproach cast upon Christ, and them, for his sake, and roll it away:

how I do bear in my bosom the reproach of all the mighty people;
the ecclesiastical and civil rulers of the Jews, their chief priests, Scribes, and Pharisees, who poured out their reproaches very plentifully on the followers of Christ, whom the psalmist here represents; which fell very heavily upon them, as a very great weight and burden, and pressed them sore, and went to their very hearts, and therefore said to be "in their bosom"; and which is mentioned to excite the divine compassion, that he would appear for them, and raise his Son from the dead, as was promised and expected; that their enemies might have no more occasion to reproach him and them: it is in the original, "I bear in my bosom all the many people" F3; which some understand of the people of God, and of Christ's sustaining their persons, and making satisfaction for their sins; but the other sense is preferable: Kimchi supplies the words as we do; and so the Targum, which renders them thus,

``I bear in my bosom all the reproaches of many people.''


F3 (Myme Mybr lk) "omnes multos populos", Montanus; "omnes, quam multi sunt, populos", Cocceius.

Psalms 89:50 In-Context

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49 Lord, where is your unfailing love? You promised it to David with a faithful pledge.
50 Consider, Lord, how your servants are disgraced! I carry in my heart the insults of so many people.
51 Your enemies have mocked me, O LORD ; they mock your anointed king wherever he goes.
52 Praise the LORD forever! Amen and amen!
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