Acts 26:6

6 And now I stand here on trial on account of my hope in the promise made by God to our ancestors,

Acts 26:6 Meaning and Commentary

Acts 26:6

And now I stand, and am judged
Before the Roman governor, and in the presence of Agrippa:

for the hope of the promise made of God unto our fathers;
either for the hope of righteousness, life, and salvation, by the Messiah; who was promised to the Jewish fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and others; see ( Genesis 22:18 ) ( 49:10 ) or for the hope of the resurrection of the dead, and eternal life; of which there are various testimonies in the writings of the Old Testament, committed to the people of the Jews. ( Job 19:26 Job 19:27 ) ( Isaiah 26:19 ) ( Daniel 12:2 ) and others; and both these senses may be very well joined together, for it was for asserting that the promised Messiah was come, and that Jesus of Nazareth was he; that he was risen from the dead, and that all the dead will be raised by him; and that life and righteousness, salvation, and everlasting glory and happiness, are only by him; for asserting these things, I say, the apostle was now a prisoner, and stood at the bar of a Roman judge, being accused by the Jews.

Acts 26:6 In-Context

4 "All the Jews know my way of life from my youth, a life spent from the beginning among my own people and in Jerusalem.
5 They have known for a long time, if they are willing to testify, that I have belonged to the strictest sect of our religion and lived as a Pharisee.
6 And now I stand here on trial on account of my hope in the promise made by God to our ancestors,
7 a promise that our twelve tribes hope to attain, as they earnestly worship day and night. It is for this hope, your Excellency, that I am accused by Jews!
8 Why is it thought incredible by any of you that God raises the dead?
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