Leviticus 23:26

26 The Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

Leviticus 23:26 Meaning and Commentary

Leviticus 23:26

And the Lord spake unto Moses
This phrase, which is a kind of preface to each precept, seems to be used to distinguish one from another, as the preceding one from the feast of Pentecost; and here, the day of atonement from that of the blowing of the trumpets; and afterwards, the feast of tabernacles from the day of atonement; the reason why it is not used before the feast of Pentecost seems to be, because, as Aben Ezra observes, that depended upon the wave sheaf, and was reckoned from it:

as follows.

Leviticus 23:26 In-Context

24 Speak to the people of Israel, saying: In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you shall observe a day of complete rest, a holy convocation commemorated with trumpet blasts.
25 You shall not work at your occupations; and you shall present the Lord's offering by fire.
26 The Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
27 Now, the tenth day of this seventh month is the day of atonement; it shall be a holy convocation for you: you shall deny yourselves and present the Lord's offering by fire;
28 and you shall do no work during that entire day; for it is a day of atonement, to make atonement on your behalf before the Lord your God.