Numbers 10:2

2 “Make two trumpets of hammered silver, and use them for calling the community together and for having the camps set out.

Numbers 10:2 in Other Translations

2 Make thee two trumpets of silver; of a whole piece shalt thou make them: that thou mayest use them for the calling of the assembly, and for the journeying of the camps.
2 "Make two silver trumpets. Of hammered work you shall make them, and you shall use them for summoning the congregation and for breaking camp.
2 “Make two trumpets of hammered silver for calling the community to assemble and for signaling the breaking of camp.
2 "Make two bugles of hammered silver. Use them to call the congregation together and give marching orders to the camps.
2 "Make two trumpets of hammered silver to summon the community and have the camps set out.

Numbers 10:2 Meaning and Commentary

Numbers 10:2

Make thee two trumpets of silver
A metal very valuable and precious, durable, and fit for sound; only two are ordered, Aaron having but two sons, Eleazar and Ithamar, who were to blow with them, ( Numbers 10:8 ) ; for though Moses's order is, "make thee", or for thee, yet not for his own use, but for the priests to use when he should order them: the Targum of Jonathan adds, of what is thine own, as if they were to be made at his own expense; but others say, and which is more probable, that they were to be made at the public expense: Josephus F9 gives a description of them, and says, that they were little less than a cubit long, the pipe of them narrow, but broader about the mouth to receive the breath, and ended like a bell; they seem to be much of the shape of our trumpets: these trumpets were an emblem of the ministry of the Gospel, called the great trumpet, and in the ministration of which, the preachers of it are to lift up their voice like a trumpet, to show men their perishing condition through sin, and to encourage them, as such who are ready to perish, to come to Christ for salvation, ( Isaiah 27:13 ) ( 58:1 ) ; the Gospel is comparable to silver, being fetched out of the mines of the sacred Scriptures, pure and free from the dross of errors and human inventions, will bear to be tried by the standard of the word, and is lasting and durable, yea, the everlasting Gospel; as well as valuable and precious, containing the unsearchable riches of Christ treasures of divine truths, comparable to gold, silver, and precious stones; yea, it is more valuable and precious than silver, not to be obtained by that, more profitable and useful, more satisfying and lasting: the number two may be applicable to the two dispensations, under which the Gospel has been ministered, directing to the same Saviour, and to the same way of salvation, by his grace, his blood, righteousness, and sacrifice; and to the two Testaments, which agree in the same truths respecting his person, offices, obedience, sufferings, and death; and to the prophets and apostles of both dispensations and testaments, who have united in laying Christ as the foundation; and also to the two witnesses that are still to prophecy in sackcloth, that is, preach the Gospel and blow the trumpet of it: ( Revelation 11:3 )

of an whole piece shall thou make them;
of one solid mass of silver, beaten with an hammer, as Jarchi, such a piece as the candlestick was made of in ( Exodus 25:31 ) , where the same word is used as here, and rendered "beaten work": this may denote the pure and unmixed Gospel of Christ, having no dross, nor bad nor base metal of human corruptions in it; no jar, discord, or contradiction in it, but all in perfect harmony and agreement; and the whole of it, no part of it dropped or concealed; and the ministry of it, laboured by those employed in it, who study to show themselves workmen that need not be ashamed:

that thou mayest use them for the calling the assembly;
the body of the people of Israel, either on civil or sacred accounts, see ( Joel 1:15 Joel 1:16 ) ; the ministry of the Gospel is for the calling and gathering of souls to Christ, and to his churches; even the remnant of Israel, all that are given to Christ and redeemed by his blood, whether Jews or Gentiles; these are gathered out of the world, which is an act of distinguishing grace; it is by means of the Gospel trumpet that they are awakened, and quickened, and directed to Christ:

and for the journeying of the camps:
both of the four camps of the Israelites, and the camp of the Levites, to direct them when they should set forward on a journey: and of like use is the ministry of the Gospel; saints are pilgrims and travellers here; they are passing through a wilderness, their way is attended with many difficulties; Canaan is the place they are travelling to, and the Gospel is of singular use to them by the way, both to refresh them with its joyful sound, and to direct them in the path in which they should go.


F9 Antiqu. l. 3. c. 12. sect. 6.

Numbers 10:2 In-Context

1 The LORD said to Moses:
2 “Make two trumpets of hammered silver, and use them for calling the community together and for having the camps set out.
3 When both are sounded, the whole community is to assemble before you at the entrance to the tent of meeting.
4 If only one is sounded, the leaders—the heads of the clans of Israel—are to assemble before you.
5 When a trumpet blast is sounded, the tribes camping on the east are to set out.

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