Numbers 26:51

51 The total number of the men of Israel was 601,730.

Numbers 26:51 in Other Translations

51 These were the numbered of the children of Israel, six hundred thousand and a thousand seven hundred and thirty.
51 This was the list of the people of Israel, 601,730.
51 In summary, the registered troops of all Israel numbered 601,730.
51 The total number of the People of Israel: 601,730.
51 These registered Israelite men numbered 601,730.

Numbers 26:51 In-Context

49 through Jezer, the Jezerite clan; through Shillem, the Shillemite clan.
50 These were the clans of Naphtali; those numbered were 45,400.
51 The total number of the men of Israel was 601,730.
52 The LORD said to Moses,
53 “The land is to be allotted to them as an inheritance based on the number of names.

Cross References 1

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