Hisgalus 10

1 0 And I saw another strong malach descending and coming down out of Shomayim, having been wrapped in an anan (cloud), and the keshet be’anan (rainbow, BERESHIS 9:16) was over his rosh (head) and the face of him was as the shemesh (sun) and the feet of him as pillars of eish (fire), [YECHEZKEL 1:28]
2 And he had in his hand a sefer katan (small book) which had been opened and he placed his ragel hayemanit (right foot) on the yam (sea), and the smolit (left) on ha’aretz (the earth),
3 And he cried with a kol gadol (loud voice) as an aryeh (lion) roars. And when he shouted, the shivat hare’amim (seven thunders) reverberated. [HOSHEA 11:10]
4 And when the shivat hare’amim (seven thunders) spoke, I was about to write, and I heard a kol (voice) from Shomayim, saying, Put a chotam (seal) on [the sod, the secret of] what the shivat hare’amim (seven thunders) have spoken, and seal it up, and do not write, [DANIEL 8:26; 12:4,9]
5 And the malach, whom I saw having taken his stand on the yam (sea) and on ha’aretz (the earth), lifted his yad yamin (right hand) to Shomayim [DEVARIM 32:40; DANIEL 12:7]
6 And made shevu’ah (oath) by the One who lives l’Olmei Olamim (forever and ever) whose “barah” (created) the Shomayim and the things in it and ha’aretz and the things in it and the yam and the things in it—that there would be no od zman (more time). [BERESHIS 14:22; SHEMOT 6:8; BAMIDBAR 14:30; TEHILLIM 115:15; 146:6]
7 But in the days of the sounding of the shofar by the malach hashev’i’i (the seventh angel), when he is about to blow the shofar, also then the raz (mystery) of Hashem would be brought to an end, as he proclaimed to his avadim (servants), the Nevi’im (prophets). [AMOS 3:7]
8 And the kol (voice) which I heard from Shomayim was again speaking with me and saying, Go, take the sefer which is opened in the hand of the malach who has taken his stand on the yam (sea) and on the ha’aretz (the earth).
9 And I went to the malach, telling him to give me the sefer katan (small book) and he says to me, Take and eat it, and it will make your stomach bitter, but in your mouth it will be sweet as devash (honey). [YIRMEYAH 15:16; YECHEZKEL 2:8-3:3]
10 And I took the sefer katan out of the hand of the malach and ate it, and it was in my mouth as sweet as devash (honey), but, when I ate, my stomach was made bitter.
11 And they say to me, You must speak dvarim hanevu’ah (words of prophecy) again, about haumim (peoples) and Goyim (Nations) and leshonot (tongues) and many melachim (kings). [Ezek 37:4,9; Dan 3:4]
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