Hisgalus 18

1 8 After these things I saw another malach (angel) coming down out of Shomayim having great samchut (authority); and ha’aretz (the earth) was illuminated by the splendor of him. [YECHEZKEL 43:2]
2 And he cried in a kol gadol, saying, "Fallen, fallen is Bavel Hagedolah. It has become a habitation of shedim (demons) and a beit hasohar of every ruach temei’ah (unclean spirit) and beit hasohar of every unclean bird and a beit hasohar of every unclean beast. And has become detestable, [YESHAYAH 13:21, 22; 34:11,13-15; YIRMEYAH 50:39; 51:37; TZEFANYAH 2:14,15]
3 Because of the yayin (wine) of the wrath of her zenut (fornication) all the Goyim (Nations) have drunk, and the melachim (kings) of ha’aretz committed zenut with her, and the merchants of ha’aretz by the resources of her luxury became rich." [YECHEZKEL 27:9-25]
4 And I heard another kol (voice) out of Shomayim saying, "Come out of her, my people, so that you may not participate in the chatta’im (sins) of her, and some of her makkot (plagues) you may not receive, [YESHAYAH 48:20; YIRMEYAH 50:8; 51:6,9,45; BERESHIS 19:15],
5 “Because her chatta’im (sins) have piled up reaching up to Shomayim, and Hashem has remembered the unrighteousnesses of her. [2Ch 28:9; Ezra 9:6; Jer 51:9]
6 “Render to her as also she herself rendered; serve up double according to her ma’asim, in the kos (cup) which she mixed. [Ps 137:8; Jer 50:15,29; Isa 40:2]
7 “As she gave kavod (glory) to herself and lived in luxury, so give her an equal measure of torment and agmat nefesh (grief), because in her lev (heart) she says, ‘I sit as a malkah (queen) and not an almanah (widow), and I will never see agmat nefesh (grief).’ [Ezek 28:2- 8; Ps 10:6; Isa 47:7,8; Zeph 2:15]
8 “Therefore in one day will come the makkot (plagues) on her, Mavet (Death) and Avel (Mourning) and Ra’av (Famine), and with eish (fire) she will be burned up, because Chazak is Hashem Adonoi, the Shofet of her. YESHAYAH 9:14; 47:9; YIRMEYAH 50:31,32]
9 “And the melachim (kings) of ha’aretz, the ones having committed zenut (fornication) with her and having lived in luxury, when they see the smoke of her burning, will weep and wail over her. [YIRMEYAH 51:8; YECHEZKEL 26:17,18]
10 “They will stand afar off, because of the fear of her torment, saying ‘Oy, oy to the Ir Hagedolah, Bavel the strong city, because in one hour came the mishpat of you.’
11 “And the merchants of ha’aretz (the earth) cry and have agmat nefesh (grief) over her, because the cargo of them no one buys any more; [YECHEZKEL 27:27, 31]
12 “Cargo of gold and of silver and of precious stone and of pearls and of fine linen and of purple and of silk and of scarlet, and every kind of scented wood and every kind of ivory article and every kind of article of valuable wood and of bronze and of iron and of marble [YECHEZKEL 27:12-22]
13 “And cinnamon and spice and incense and myrrh and frankincense and yayin (wine) and oil and fine flour and wheat and cattle and kevasim (sheep), and of susim (horses) and of chariots and of slaves and nefashot (souls) of men. [YECHEZKEL 27:13]
14 “And the p’ri (fruit) for which your nefesh longed has departed from you, and all the luxurious things and the splendorous things have become lost for you, and never again shall they be found!
15 “And the merchants of these things, the ones having become rich from her, will stand afar off because of the fear of her torment, and they will be weeping and wailing, [YECHEZKEL 27:31]
16 “Saying, ‘Oy, oy, the Ir Hagedolah, the one having clothed herself with fine linen and purple and scarlet and having been gilded with gold and precious stone and pearl,
17 ‘Because in one hour such great wealth, was laid waste.’ “And there stood afar off every steersman, and everyone sailing the sea, and sailors and all who commerce on the sea. [YECHEZKEL 27:28-30]
18 “And they were crying out, seeing the smoke of her burning, saying, ‘What Ir (City) is like the Ir Hagedolah?’ [YECHEZKEL 27:32]
19 “And they threw dust on their heads and were crying out, weeping and wailing, saying, ‘Oy, oy, the Ir Hagedolah, by which from her wealth, all the ones having ships in the sea became rich, because in one hour she was laid waste.’ [YEHOSHUA 7:6; EKHAH 2:10; YECHEZKEL 27:30,31]
20 "Have lev same’ach over her, O Shomayim! You Kadoshim and Shlichim and Nevi’im, for Hashem has given mishpat for you against her." [YIRMEYAH 51:48]
21 And a malach chazak (strong angel) lifted up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, “Thus will Bavel the Ir Hagedolah be violently thrown down, and never would it be found any longer. [YIRMEYAH 51:63]
22 “And the sound of harpers, those playing the nevel (harp), and of musicians and of flutists and of trumpeters will be heard in you no more and every oman (artist) of every craft will be found in you no more, and the sound of a mill, would be heard in you no more. [YESHAYAH 24:8; YECHEZKEL 26:13; YIRMEYAH 25:10]
23 “And the ohr of a menorah would shine in you no more, and the kol (voice) of a choson (bridegroom) and of a kallah (bride) would be heard in you no more; because your merchants were the gedolim (the great) of ha’aretz (the earth), because by your kashefanut (sorcery) were all the Goyim deceived, [YIRMEYAH 7:34; 16:9; 25:10; YESHAYAH 23:8; NACHUM 3:4]
24 "And in her were found the dahm of Nevi’im (prophets) and of Kadoshim and of all the ones having been slain al Kiddush ha-Shem on ha’aretz." [YIRMEYAH 51:49]
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